About Us

Charin is a privately owned energy and chemicals trading company specialised in the global supply of a wide range of petroleum products, coal and chemicals to industrial consumers. Charin has a strong leadership team run on a flat management structure, which enables us to serve the needs of our clients by making decisions quickly and efficiently.


Our people, our culture

Our people come from a wide range of professional and cultural backgrounds including law, engineering, accounting, IT etc covering over 55 years of combined business experience. This gives us the strength of diversity to view and handle operational challenges, that are often not localised to a single issue, with skill and creativity that delight our clients.

Charin Energy believes strongly in the enduring nature of our entrepreneurial culture and our confidence in it is that our people imbibe this culture with a passion to stand out. What accompanies this culture is a commitment to learning, creativity and innovation by all team members across all operating segments of the company.

Partnering for strength

We place emphasis on building strategic partnerships as they yield geometric returns for all parties and ultimately benefit the clients that we serve. With our ┬áhead office in London UK, we maintain partnerships in regional markets such as Africa, Asia and in the Americas that provide trusted local representation for “on-the-ground” knowledge required to deliver efficient logistical solutions to our clients.

Truly, welcome to Charin Energy.

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