Charin’s activities in the energy sector is focused on trading and brokering of petroleum products and coal for power generation and transportation purposes. As a result of our expertise we organise efficient and cost effective transportation of large volumes of products from source to end-users on time and as per customer specification requirements.

Our competitive advantage is that we maintain long-term relationships with our customers and also provide associated services that add value to their operations.


Refined Petroleum Products

Refined petroleum products remain an important part of our everyday living covering usage in transportation and power for homes and industrial purposes. Every day, several companies and individuals buy these products at wholesale or directly from retail outlets worldwide - such is the magnitude of importance of refined petroleum products to modern living.

In the refined petroleum market, product quality is a key requirement that must be correctly specified and supplied for the jurisdiction of consumption. Charin Energy supplies customers worldwide by partnering with refineries, marketers and major international distributors to meet the demand of end users.

Products that we supply include;

AGO; Diesel Naphtha LPG
PMS; Petrol Middle Distillates
Jet Fuel LNG

Coal Supply

Coal is a naturally occurring black deposit of sedimentary rock that is formed in layers called coal beds. The main component of coal is carbon and has varying quantities of hydrogen, sulphur, oxygen and nitrogen with some other elements in minute quantities. Coal is a mined resource and is the largest source of energy for the generation of electricity worldwide.

Coal is a valuable source of energy for heavy industry users such as for powering iron ore smelting and minerals processing facilities. With strong relationships with mines in West and Southern Africa regions, Charin Energy brokers supply contracts to users worldwide.

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