Vision & Mission

Charin Energy Vision – Creating value for customers

At Charin, our people are our business, as it is on their expertise that we depend on for enhancing the growth of our business. Our people are industry experts, with vast local market knowledge, supported by an international structure and strong global perspective. At Charin, we combine our technical expertise and strong product knowledge with our in depth understanding of various markets  as well as our commercial expertise to provide the highest quality of service and support to our customers  and principals around the world.


The Charin Promise

We place a premium on our committed partnership with our customers and principals and are constantly investing in developing creative ways to add value to our various partners.

We are committed to

  • exceeding our client’s expectations at every possible opportunity
  • connecting our customers to the global economy.
  • excellence in our service delivery from our first response to your’s initial enquiry through to the transportation and delivery of the products.
  • working with our various partners to create sustained shared values whilst earning the commitment and trust of those around us.

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