Quality System

Excellence in Service Quality

In delivering quality to our customers, we operate a system that is aimed at maintaining a culture of safety, financial stability, customer satisfaction and a relentless pursuit of value for our customers. We call this the Charin Energy Quality System .

The Charing Energy Quality System CEQS helps us to continuously measure performance and to improve business operations. This system is effective because it requires assessment of strengths and gaps as part of lessons learned system incorporating change management for continual improvement.


Our Pillars of Quality

Customer Satisfaction
We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers and as such our trading consultants are empowered to take honest feedback from customers and work with them to ensure that their requirements are consistently met.

Continuous Improvement
This is our “never-ending change process” that is focused on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of Charin Energy’s services. Through this, we constantly learn about and improve our customer valued service delivery systems.

Commitment to Service Excellence
Charin Leadership is committed to the implementation of the CEQS which is patterned after the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008 in the main as necessary to ensure sustainable progress for the company which is hinged on excellent service.

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